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Behind the scenes Newborn

Behind the scenes newborn

Have you ever wondered what happens after your session? Where do the photos go and what happens to them? At the beginning of my journey as a photographer, photoshop and post processing was NOT my strongest suit, the software was scary, I thought it was beyond me and that I would NEVER be able to work with them. Thank goodness my husband is very visual, patient and learns very quickly. I am fortunate that he also LOVES to get behind the computer and teach me all there is to know and disect all of the techniques so there is limited frustration when I start to use them. :) The truth can't be a photographer without knowing some of the basic processing modifications that can be done to an image. Color correction, light and simple retouching are essential and enhance your photos so much!

All that being said....this is why I want 2-4 weeks to finish, and why when you are shopping for a photographer, you should aim to find someone who works on their photos, knows what each image needs to attain its best potential. Here's a video clip of the process one photo might go through from start to finish. Note the before and after: what would you be happier with?

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