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About me

My name is Brigitte! The face behind the camera, the one that answers your questions, the person who styles your session, who snuggles your baby and who retouches your photos ....

Here's my story :


I grew up on a farm, West of the tiny hamlet of St.Louis Saskatchewan. I was raised Catholic, we spoke French at home and attended a francophone school in St.Isidore de Bellevue. I am one of the middle of four children. My parents were both entrepreneurs, they dipped their toes in many different businesses including grain & animal farming, hydroponics and theatre production. We also fostered many children growing up (I don't consider this a business or a job) but it was another way mom could make a small income while still being home with us.

I graduated in 2006 and worked for a few years in Prince Albert, Wakaw and then moved to Regina to pursue a degree in nursing. I quickly realized that I wasn't ready or well enough to commit to such a program. Health issues and general anxiety propelled me to move back home, which for me at the time, was Saskatoon.

I worked many jobs while in Saskatoon, including cake decorating at Jerry's, working in a group home, activities coordinator for both the AJF and RSFS , and finally became a teacher's aid in the francophone school system and stayed put for 6 years. One of those jobs, introduced me to my now husband Arman.

Our relationship was/is incredible! I had never met such a considerate, loving, honest and respectful man. We dated for a short 10 months and he asked me to marry him. :o

We had our first child in 2012, and then another in late 2013....I know, crazy. At the time I stayed home with my kids and only returned back to work when we got pregnant with our 3rd in 2015. Yup, 3 in just under 5 years. Our new addition also required us to find a larger home, so after many months of searching the market in Saskatoon, we decided to venture out of city limits to get more bang for our buck. We found our dream home in Aberdeen, SK just 20 minutes East of Saskatoon, and settled in well before the arrival of baby in November of 2014.

I had acquired a camera as a gift while on maternity leave in late 2013, and had lots of practice while I was at home with my babies. I got asked to do photos a few time and had never felt so alive and energized as when I got behind the lens! I did a few sessions for free, then I charged 60$, then 150$, and then I realized that my hobby wasn't just a hobby. I really really really loved this photography thing. At the time, I was back at work at the school but managed to drop down to part time. I believe it didn't take a year as the business grew and got busier, I let go of my position as a teacher's aid and decided to pursue my passion full time.

The rest... Is history you guys. You know when you find your partner, and you're destined for each other? Soul mates? Whatever you want to call it, much like when I met my husband, I knew when I was taking photos, I was EXACTLY where I needed to be!

I love all genres of photography but newborns are totally my jam. I love working in a warm, quiet space mostly by myself and I enjoy the variation and creativity that comes with newborn photography. There is something about those early days, and their pure, raw preciousness! I also love maternity, babies, engagement, families and boudoir photography!!!!

I have recently opened up a studio in Aberdeen!!! It has truly restored our family's quality of life, and cut my workload in half! I freaking LOVE my space!!!! It's cozy, organized and a 5 minutes walk from my home! I am fired up about 2019 and can't wait to meet my new clients and reconnect with passed ones! If ever you're in the area and you want to pop in and say HI, please do!!!!!



Contact Me

Contact me

207 Main street

Aberdeen, SK S0K 0A0

Tel: 306-280-9432

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